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Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is amazin'

I just can't believe it. I told Wyatt (my husband) that I could get my very own page on the intra net. He just didn't believe me. But here it is. I feel so diversified now. It's just fabulous. And I made my page pink. I never knew that I could pick my favorite colour (I spell colour with a u like the Europeans do , it is so sophisticated). Any way, I wish I could make it more glamorous with like diamonds. They are so glamorous.

My children, Crystal, Jake, Anastacia, Brandy, Wyatt Jr., Billy-Robert, Tammy Jo and Raymond-Ray say I give good advice on so many subjects. They say I'm really diverse and dinamic so I always like to give free advice to all my friends. And, well, since I have never met a stranger, y'all are my friends. So feel free to ask me advice, even about relations. I just love to give advice. Specially about recipes. I love to cook, even fancy dinners like rich people. But they don't cook 'em like I do cause they've got mades for that so I pretend that I am fixin' dinner for Joan Collins. Keep an eye out for my recipes. I hope to hear from ya really soon.



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