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Friday, February 17, 2006

Bless the Holy Spirit!

Praise Jesus. This is all I can say today, is Praise the Lord. My sister- in-law, Janice, and I went to our ‘Cabin Fever for the Lord’ mid-Winter revival last night at the Greater Holy Water of Jesus Congregational Church of Cooter. It was like manna came down from heaven in that little double wide off of Parkston Lane. (Our previous church burned down when the pastor’s wife,Helen, forgot to turn off 2 of the 8 crock pots from one of our socials). So now we have a double wide. We were sceptical at first, but when we realized that we could convert the master bathroom hot tub into a baptismal, we got really excited.

Janice’s carborator on her station wagon is out again, Wyatt will fix it next weekend, so we had to take my truck. Luckily Billy-Robert had cashed in some soda cans so we had a few dollars for gas and for the offerin’ plate. Well when we got to the church I could see the spirit get into Janice right away. Ever since she had an affair with a sinner from Kentucky she hasn’t been in touch with the Lord. Until last night anyway. She repented for leaving Whit, my husband’s brother, for that snake of a man from KY. Preacher tripped during the baptism and accidentally turned on the hot tub motor. Bubbles went everywhere. Well Janice didn’t understand what was happening and thought it was the spirit touching her in the water, then she began speakin’ in toungues until she realized we didn’t believe in that no more. Afterwards, Helen played ‘As we Gather By the River’ on her synthisizer that she got for Christmas, it was so moving. Then we all headed to the fellowship hall, well the kitchen actually, and broke bread. Well that and Sister Evelyn’s favorite casserole dish. I later learned that she took money out of the offering plate to cover the cost of the dish. She said it happened on the Lord’s turf and he was liable for the damages. Help me say a prayer for her.

Since then the Lord has been good to Janice. On our way home she won $23 with a lottery ticket she bought at Cooter Spirits and Tobacco Liquor Store.

Praise the Lord,



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