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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cooter Real Estate

I am so proud of Janice and Whit. Now that Janice has found the Lord and Whit has forgiven her for sleepin' around with honkey tonkers they decided it was time for a new start. So they decided to buy a new home. It is so lovely and comfy. Lot of extras like a lot of free tv channels and a patio set and a fenced in yard. I am so jealous. And with that bubble everyone's been talkin' about, I am surprised at how good of a deal they got before it busted. Why, just last week the last two pads in our trailer park were sold. We had a neighborhood party to celebrate but it turned ugly. Of course Witten Whitfield and Woodard Watson got into another fight about who had the most mobile home. They both claim that they can hitch off their homes and haul 'em off faster than the other. It never ends pretty and the sheriff had to get involved. Let's just say that before it was over Peter Peterone had to call a fire truck, the pastor and the local butcher before it was over (you don't want to know, trust me). All I know is thank the good Lord that Peter had one of them new celluloid phones to call the police real quick like.

Well, Janet is lucky her home is stable, it ain't goin' anywhere I don't believe. I so envy her. Its kinda like an episode I saw once about lives of the rich and infamous. This lady had to stop touring for her country band because she had this rare condition that made her have seizures when she was around too many electric wires or gas fumes. Anyway, she ended up not being able to travel on the bus no more and had to move into her own home. 'Cept her house was much bigger than Janice's. After the purchase of the house, we went to the Iron Nickle for a drank to celebrate. We would have invited my sister, Arlene, but she's breast feedin' now so we didn't call her.

Only other good news is that the fish farm said that due to how cold it has been and all, Whit doesn't have to work tomorrow, so after church he is going to fix Janice's transmission.



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