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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Baptizin' and Fishin' Bait

The spirit is still with us. After Janice's scare from the baptizin' the other night, she decided that to really be blessed by the spirit was to have a for real baptizin' like normal. So after preacher spoke last Sunday mornin' the entire congregation of 37 people walked down to the ol' Johnson swimmin' hole. What a glorious site. We all sang the hymn 'As We Gather By the River' on the way. After preacher cut a hole in the ice, preacher and Janice got in the creek. Janice said that the spirit touched her so much she didn't feel a thing from the cold. Wyatt said is was cause she had gone numb. Either way it was real moving.

On the way back to church for a fellowship,(My sister Carlene made her infamous mayo banana dip casserole for the occasion, but real fancy with marshashino cherries). I couldn't find Wyatt and his brother Whit. But I soon found out they had decided to put the hole that paster made in the river to good use and go fishin'. Don't need to tell you we had a great fish fry that afternoon. Since everyone had a touch of the flu from the baptizin', we had lots of Carlene's dish left over to go with it.

We're all still glad that Janice had a change from the holy spirit. Unfortunately, she thought preacher had said bring the spirits to the baptizin' and brought a bottle of stag. It bursted when she fell down on the way back to church, so she didn't get drunk like last time at church when she admitted to the congregation that she had seen a figure of Jesus at the bottom of a box of maccaroni and cheese. She didn't splain that she had made 'em after a long night of drinkin' with Benny Hillgarten at the 'Iron Nickle'. Anyway, she was carryin' my neice Minertia when it happened. But that's when we knew the spirit was really with Janice, despite the lie about the figure of jesus in maccaroni. Cause when Minertia landed on her head the Lord touched her. Not the way the doctor's say she was touched, but touched by the Lord this time. Cause when she got up she started speakin' again. After her run in with a possum in Evvy Lynn Maynard's backyard back 2 summers ago she stopped talking scared her so bad. Never been the same since. Until the baptizin'. Praise the spirit.

Well, must go now. I promised Wyatt that I'd cut his hair tonight for our pictures at Sears next week.



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