Buckle up fella's, its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tatoos and Hackers

I just have to thank the Lord. As I sit here, I just can't believe my eyes. I have logged on to the intranet. Why the last time I made an entry to this blog, Minertia had just regained all her sight and could speak again. One night 2 summers ago, Minerta wandered on over into my neighbors backyard to do some t-peeing. Well, she went and got her self a scare. Caused Evvy Lynn's pet opossom was loose and had gone mad. Just scared little Minertia to death. She lost some vision in her left eye and didn't speak for nearly 2 years. She was in a bad way. Not only did she already walk with a limp, but now she didn't see good or talk. Not until Janice's baptizin' anyway.

After the fall at the baptizin' she's been a different person. Actually, Whit and I think she gone and got above herself. Forgotton where she from is what she done. She started smokin' and listen to what she calls wrap music. I don't know what it sounds like and don't want to. Betty-Lynn, the local florist, says that it is devil music and I don't intend delve into tools of the devil. And well, when Betty-Lynn speaks, everyone in Cooter perks right up and listens, and if they know what's right, they'll just knod their head and go along with her. Cause if you get on her wrong side she'll find a way to make your life hell. Just trust me.
Anyhow, Minertia really started showin' some smarts about her. And not typical school smart neither. She's learned how to hack into my computer and destroy what is called files. I told Whit that a computer holdin' files just doesn't make any sense. I mean all my files are in an old milk crate under the bed. But I digress. She went and deleted all my files and I couldn't fix my computer for months. I didn't have time to tend to that at the time thought cause of Janice's operation. Her tatoo that said "bless the holy spirit" got infected she almost lost her right forearm. That tooks many trips to the hospital for follow ups and skin graphs. But she is fine now. She is doing so well that she just can't thank the Lord enough and won't stay away from the church. She is there every time the doors are open. And even when they ain't. Why she got caught breaking into the church on a Friday night, but Sheriff Donnelly let her go off easy because she was cryin' cause all she wanted to do was play on the synthesizer and sing to Jesus. Her obsession with Jesus is so great that she don't even pay mind to Minertia anymore. So I just gave up and gave Minertia my computer. That's when I decided to order a new computer from Dell. Dell owns the only pawn shop town and when he heard about me losing my files (which isn't true they are still in the milk crate) he said he had a great deal for me. So I traded my "Set it and Forget it" Rotisary over for this computer.

I am so glad that I can now keep in touch with all of my friends. I just promise not to talk so much next time. I have so much to still tell everyone, but it just must wait. I have to pick Janice up from her weekly bible book club. Which I must talk more about later. They only talk about the bible, but no other books. At least she ain't passed out at the 'Iron Nickle'.